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1. The right personal protective equipment (PPE)

To keep the COVID virus out of your body and to keep you from spreading it to anyone else, every worker needs a supply of gloves and masks. Front line workers who know they are being exposed to people who may be sick need impermeable gowns, properly fitted respirators and face shields or goggles too.

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2. Hand washing time and facilities

The time and the facilities to wash and dry your hands several times during your shift and a hand sanitizer containing at least 60% alcohol to use in between.

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3. Social Distancing

Work stations that allow six feet between you and the people around you or sneeze guards if you need to be any closer and other adaptations like staggered shift and break times and job descriptions that allow you to keep away from other workers and the public.

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4. Cleaning and disinfecting

Work stations, shared tools and electronics, bathrooms and locker and break rooms are sanitized, and deep cleaning is done after known exposure.

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5. Wellness rules

Enforced rules that send people home, preferably before they enter the workplace, if they feel sick or have a fever or test positive for COVID and benefits that allow people to stay home, with pay, if they or a family member feel sick.

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6. The right to speak up

Ways to provide suggestions or raise concerns about workplace safety and health without fear of retaliation.

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If you are working without these 6 protections,
your employer isn’t doing what they need to do to keep you safe.

And the federal government’s OSHA is making things worse by refusing to issue and enforce strong workplace rules to protect workers from COVID-19. The BlueGreen Alliance and many other organizations are trying to get Congress to require OSHA to issue and enforce strong workplace protections. You can help to protect yourself and other workers.

By sharing your workplace information — ANONYMOUSLY — the BlueGreen Alliance can identify where rules are needed most and focus our efforts to help keep workers and communities safe. Fields marked with * are required.

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